Yvette Karan

Yvette Karan is an internationally known Mentor, Coach and Hypnotherapist. Her mission in life is to help as many people as possible face the intricate webs that they have become tangled in, without judgment or criticism, and helping them to change their perception so they can release themselves from the pain that traps them.

Her training has led her to help both children and adults recover from trauma and gain the confidence to face challenges in life without suffering.

With almost twenty years of experience, Yvette also truly understands what it is like to suffer and come out the other side after she was diagnosed with and cured herself of a brain tumour.

She now empowers others and shares her understanding of how she turned her life around by teaching her clients the tools they need to untangle their issues, to navigate the ups and downs in life more freely, and bringing conscious awareness to the cause and effect of actions and reactions, thus giving them a greater sense of freedom, balance and clarity.

Sarah Squires

Sarah is a qualified social worker and is currently doing her Level 5 Therapeutic Counselling course.  She owns both The Nurturing Coach, helping victims of parental narcissistic abuse and parental alienation, and NAPARRC Consultancy Ltd which trains professionals on personality disordered parenting and parental alienation and provides court ordered therapy for families impacted by high conflict divorce including parental alienation.

She has also completed her NLP Practitioner training, Couples and Family Therapy diploma, PTSD Counselling diploma, Relation Emotional Behavioural Therapy diploma, Parental Mental Health and Child Protection diploma and Integrative Wellness Coaching diploma.

Sarah’s passion for this subject came out of both professional and personal curiosity.  As a social worker, she had worked with personality disordered parents but had no training in this area so when her own life became embroiled with a PD parent, she struggled to understand what was happening and became concerned about the impact on the children.  Through the pain and loss, grew a strong desire to understand more and provide support to others, including professionals.

Karen Courtney

After graduating from Nottingham University Karen taught Drama, Craft Design & Technology, Art, Graphic Design and Ceramics to mainly ‘A’ Level standard.

Upon leaving the Teaching Profession she became a nutritionist and breast feeding councillor and lectured in Lincolns main hospital. Alongside this she developed a ceramics technique based on Decoupage and had her products in over 1,000 UK gift shops, most of the main Department stores in the UK, and also exported worldwide.  Karen also produced a selection of hand made room accessories for hotels in London such as The Savoy, Claridges and The Berkeley.

In 2002 she became a Theatre Producer and went on to produce over 30 professional Pantomimes (which she is still currently doing) and large scale UK Touring Musicals with many well-known actors and singers. As a graphic designer she designed every single show flyer and programme for each show.

2016 saw her working alongside Gareth Gates to develop his new Coconut Health drink where she was instrumental in winning him 4 major food awards beating the likes of Marks & Spencer and Lidl and she successfully did a major presentation which resulted in winning the 2016 World Award for the ‘Best New Innovative Drink’.  

In 2016 she also created a platform for women who had been victims of Narcissistic abuse, a refuge online group offering help and support that has grown in size today to over 4000 abused women mainly in the UK. It’s a group that is recommended by many Domestic Violence and similar organisations and one that has had tremendous success in recovery of the victim. Within this group the hot topic of Parental Alienation is often discussed with counselling of the child being advocated whenever possible. A more broad group is also available for all genders who are again victims of this type of abuse.

In 2017 Karen organised a very successful 1 day conference in Birmingham on how to survive narcissistic abuse with key industry speakers including Sam Vaknin and with attendees flying in from all over the world.

She is currently writing a book on the Immune system and how she beat the side effects of Chemotherapy and hopes it will help many people worldwide.

Diane Genders

Diane is a high profile specialist family law solicitor who set up her own law firm in 2004, Diane Genders Solicitors Ltd (  well-known for its ground – breaking radio adverts)  having previously been joint managing partner of a well-established  local firm. Diane was one of the 1st local solicitors to train as a mediator and the only one to train as a life coach. She is also trained in Collaborative law.

She was BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s only female “legal eagle” which she enjoyed for about 16 years  and also their “go-to” solicitor for almost any legal topic then in the news.

Wanting to give something back to the people of Lincoln Diane became a school governor in 1995 which role she held for 10 years. She then joined Rotary becoming her club’s 1st female President in 96 years. Diane was only the 2nd female to be elected as President of the Lincolnshire Law Society and is currently Honorary Treasurer of the Friends of Lincoln Cathedral.

Diane first became passionate about family law when she was an Associate (court clerk) in the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Sitting in court watching extraordinary barristers in full flow made her want to emulate them. In the event a move to Lincoln preceded her qualifying as a solicitor following a law degree from the University of London and in 2019 she will have practised family law  in Lincoln for 30 years.

Over the past few years Diane has become ever more concerned that our current legal and social system is woefully ill-equipped to deal effectively with children cases involving disorded parenting and parents with personality disorders and this has led to her becoming a co-founder of COAP.